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Our team is a single organism, united by a common goal and knowledge of how to manage investments. A high level of professionalism allows us not only to perform our work with high quality, but to achieve exactly what our clients expect from us.

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Our goal is to make storing and investing cryptocurrencies simple, reliable and profitable. Ahead is a highly loaded fault-tolerant exchange data processing service and its own infrastructure - without outdated operating principles and dependence on other products.


How TakeWallet Works

We try to make the process of working with the wallet as convenient and safe as possible. The main steps for working with a wallet are listed below.



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Deposit and withdrawal

Many currencies for depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrency


Internal transfers

Possibility of internal transfers and currency exchange



Use all the features of the wallet earn cryptocurrency


Investment rules


You need to assess your own financial situation and get your affairs in order. A financial reserve will give you the psychological assurance of stability, a reserve of funds.


Decide what risks you are willing to take to achieve your goal set in the previous step.

Help 24/7

24/7 chat support with our customer service specialists.

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Targets and goals

We have calculated the finances, the contingency reserve has been accumulated. It's time to move on to developing your investment goals. What do you want to get?

Beginning of work

You have taken important and necessary steps towards earning passive income from an investment. We turn to the development of the practical part of the investment strategy implementation.

Invest in your future!


Popular questions

  • Where to start?

    To start steaking, sign up. Registration is free and takes a couple of minutes. Login to your personal office with your username and password, top up your wallet and start steaking. Once you start steaking, you'll automatically start getting a return on your investment.

  • How do I open an account?

    To open an account, click "Register" and fill in all the required fields.

  • Who can become a member of the system?

    Anyone can become a member of the system. Our wallet is completely anonymous and we do not request any data for identification.

  • What should I do if I lost my password?

    To restore your password, you need to click the "Forgot Password" button and follow all system instructions. If you cannot recover your password, please contact support.

  • Can I change my account information?

    Yes. You can do that by logging into your personal profile and select the appropriate section. Save your new details. If you cannot change anything, please contact our support team.

  • I cannot enter my personal account.

    If so, check if you entered the data correctly. If you entered the data correctly, clear the cache and try again. If the problem is not solved, please write to our support.

  • Can I be sure that my data is safe?

    Yes, the company guarantees our customers the protection and security of personal data. We don't give out customers' personal information to third parties! Our website is protected from all types of attacks and all transmitted data is encrypted.

  • What are the risks?

    We guarantee our clients confidentiality of personal data, complete anonymity and safety of funds. However, remember that any investment is always associated with risk, which is proportional to the profitability. That's why we chose the optimal ratio of income to risk.


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